About Us

Dynexcel Is one of the rapidly growing business consulting firm, was established by a group of visionary entrepreneurs with vast experience in software and IT services.

The company provides the cutting-edge cost-effective, strategic and innovative business solutions that create and add value to our clients in their operations. we deliver efficient and effective solutions to match the needs of our customers to success in their respective areas of business.

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Our Mission

Dynexcel was founded in 2010 to provide ERP consulting services to manufacturing companies. The original mission, which continues to this day, focuses on providing the highest quality consulting services and value to clients.

To achieve this mission, Dynexcel brought together a core group of talented people to develop a potent methodology for empower technology solutions and increase customer satisfaction. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide cost effective IT solutions to SMEs in numerous sectors. Large scale industries are well-equipped with modern tools and technologies, also with highly integrated systems to manage their business. But what about the small scale and medium scale companies? Due to lack of resources, they are unable to integrate well and thus facing problems.

Our future strategic planning includes improving the quality of services what SMEs are getting currently; making them aware about the time saving and qualitative advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning system; helping them to modernize their business processes through ERP.