In trying to do all these and maintain your sanity, Odoo definitely would come through for you. With advanced modules comprising of every important department ranging from accounting, HR, finance, payroll, CRM and project management, your business is on its way to becoming more than just a small business’. Other features that Odoo offer apart from the modules just listed are, website builder, e-commerce store builder, point of sale and business intelligence. If I were a small business owner, I would already be implementing my Odoo. With these amazing modules, this integrated suite of advanced business application can help you manage your customer relationship, assets, procurement, projects, warehousehumanresources, production, sales force and a host of other integral parts of your business. You can start simple if you think starting up all will be too complicatedfor you.There’s no rush, you can always add as many more modules as you would like as the time goes on.

You might be worried that something this tightly fit is going to be scarping off a chunk of bills from your account buy far from it. Odoo comes in with these packages at a very low cost. As opposed to other ERP, there’s no need to buy any user license to run your business. It can easily be downloaded from Github and other sources. However, you would have to pay a little price for installation, customization, integration, data migration, training and implementation. The price is as low as it comes unlike other suites.

Not only is Odoo cost saving, it saves time also. It is just a matter of months before it is implemented from start of installation to mature systems. Your businesses can move from paper and pencils to a tech environment with so much ease. For people who are not exactly conversant with the tech world. Odoo has been simplified. It does not need any specific kind of certification or expertise to be operated. It is only a matter of days with little training required to be able to fully.

Another very amazingfeature of the Odoo suite is that it is web based. You can access if from your browser at any time and at any place.