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Iqra Hussain


Odoo CMS - a big picture




ODOO internet business depends on open ERP. It is very easy to use and very adjustable. The product gives group of highlights which will help you in your business and this comes as most cost effective solutions for you.

Benefits of Odoo Ecommerce

1)      Online business gives you the way to explore yourself worldwide. It will be easy for you to famous your brand.

2)      Cost effective for your business growth.

3)      Increase market penetration and SEO make you to rank high.

4)      Integration with third party payment gateway.

Main Features

·       Create attractive webpage title

It will increase your market potential and increase sale.

·        Increase revenue per sale

With suggestive offering option pulls in more deals. The product consequently recommends comparative sort of items to the customer who may tend to purchase the same.

·        Integrated with Google analytics

Track all the item related data with Google analysis. Perceive how an item is getting                          along as far as sales, click, views revenue generation etc.

·        Odoo can transfer your page in different languages

People belonging to different countries can use Odoo easily due to its availability in different languages.

·        SEO at your finger tips

In Odoo you need not to worry about your site ranking. Odoo give suggestion of keywords and tags for your site.

·        Consumer portal

Customer can see their shopping and orders by opening their portal.

·        Easy checkout process

You can easily checkout with user friendly payment gateway.