Odoo Gym Managemnt System

Iqra Hussain


Odoo CMS - a big picture


Membership Management- Converting Leads Into Opportunities

·         Make new member.

·         Every member has their own set of measurement, membership and task details.

·         Enlisting member to a membership plan.

·         View membership details like order no., membership type, membership fee and duration.

·         Keeping track at various stages of membership lifecycle.

BMI and BMR Calculation- The Fitness Calculator

·         Track body estimation development. You can set default estimation units from organization profile.

·         Graphical investigation of BMI and monitoring its execution.

Trainer Management- The Fitness Instructor

·         Gym Trainer Management Includes Details Like Public Information, Personal Information, and HR Settings.

·         List Trainer Skills and Categorize Them Accordingly.

Gym Equipment- The Real Fitness Asset

·         Management of Gym Equipments available.

·         Arrange for Regular Servicing and Maintenance (Whenever Required).

Exercise Details- The Main Recipe for Gym Management System

·         Arrange Pre-characterized Exercises; Include Necessary Steps to Follow and Its Benefits.

·         Include Images and Video Links for Making It More Understandable.

Pedometer- Tracking and Calculating Your Steps

·         Arrange Pre-characterized exercises, Include Necessary Steps to follow and Its Benefits.

·         Include Images and Video Links for Making It More Understandable.

Workout Plan- The Essentials to Stay Fit

·         Making Customized Workout Plans.

·         As per the Plan You Configure, the Number of Days Will Be Counted.

·         Set the Goal a Member Wishes to Achieve and Accordingly Set the List of Exercises for Performing Daily.

·         It Is Advised to Go From Basic to Extreme Stage. The Parent Plan Can Be Configured and Hierarchy Can Be Set as Per the Requirement.