Odoo Healthcare Management Software

Iqra Hussain


Odoo CMS - a big picture


·         Slightest Manpower Required.

·         Single Tool for the Diverse Needs.

·         Aides in Accounting and Administrative Operations.

·         Can Effectively Track and Tell About Marketing and Sales.

·         Takes out the Need for Dealing with Heaps of Documents.

·         Organizes Well With Different Departments and Ensures Smooth Operations.


Laboratory Information System

Used to demand, record and circulate the consequences of different reports and tests did in healing center.

Registration and inquiry

Manage patient enlistment, arrangement booking, and all request related errands. Get accessibility subtle elements and data around an in-house patient.

Casualty and Emergency

Serve emergency cases quickly, the module has the office to send alarms for emergency cases to comparing divisions.


Get reports and pictures of radiology tests. Line up tests, designate timetables.

Blood Bank Management

Process, store, recover and break down the data worried about the stock and organization inside blood donation center.

Store and Inventory

Keep track on deals and buy occurring in the healing center, and oversee stores and stock.

Begin with the client – discover what they need and offer it to them.
Care and Ward Management

Gives a window to nursing staff and causes them to screen their wards individually.