Odoo(Reliable Education Management)

Iqra Hussain


Odoo CMS - a big picture




Working of Odoo

·         Conveys blunder free result for issue free future.

·         The importance of this product is ideal owing from its exceptional nature.

·         It supports each part of expenses in the organizations without blunders.

·         Its user friendly even constant use can make everyone expert.

·         It has large data storage capacity even you can easily deal with large data in one click.


Why to choose Odoo management software


Its centralized software       Efficient management        Affordable and you can        Rich and user

And web based which          of classes courses and        manages everything          friendly                                                                  

Supports student and           students as well.                   With it.                              Functionality                                                                 

Teacher portal.                                                                                                            Reliable in every



Odoo education management software features:

·         Very controlled and composed arrangement of working in the modern environment.

·         Understudies ideal learning in a community oriented condition.

·         Oversee resources with the straightforward and comprehensive stage.

·         Incorporated Library Management System keeps up Book Management.

·         Make, alter and share courses for capable learning.

·         Keep a tab on the accounts with a deliberate approach.                   

Advantages to your institutes:

·       Students:

Ø  Complete admission form with Unique ID for all understudies with a photograph.

Ø  Examination highlight to see their past outcomes and benchmarks.

Ø  Precise execution report.

Ø  Timetable and address plan.

Ø  Online exam integration.


·       Assignments:

·         Transfer and download notes/assignments for the educators and understudies can be submitted notes on the web.

·         Completion tracking report can be seen inside the given time allotment.

·         Transfer or download syllabus.

·         Course books data.

·         Productive multi-user environment.


·       Faculty:

Ø  Faculty credentials data Daily work can be appointed.

Ø  Faculties Remuneration records for variable installments to the instructors.

Ø  Redo reports with various filtration choices.


·       Attendance and timetable

Ø  Quick and easy making of attendance

Ø  Leaves management and updating facility.


·       Examination

Ø  Create different types of exams

Ø  Exam scheduling and attendance management for exams.


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