Case Study - Textile Manufacturers

Dawood Usman Textiles Based in Faisalabad, Pakistan

Successfully replaced legacy software with Odoo ERP Solution


  1. Lot wise Greige Tracking

  2. Shop Floor processing capacity constraints

  3. Tracking of production at various work centers

  4. Tracking of WIP costing at various stages in the processing

  5. Breakdown the standard cost of finished Good into different parameters like labor,utility, maintenance etc.

  6. Assigning Routing and Operations

  7. Processing the Production through different routings and operations

  8. High operational cost

  9. Frustrated with their old legacy software due to lack of functionality and support 

Advantages of Odoo ERP Solution

  1. Categorization of serialized items

  2. Defining the stock movement accounts at category level helps in identifying the WIP movement with the cost associated with it.

  3. Serial nos assigned to each fabric lots

  4. Serial no tracking while receiving, assigning to production floor, receiving back from the production floor and also outgoing movements

  5. Complete traceability available for the items movements and also for for finish goods

  6. Standard cost bifurcation of the product into separate heads defined at category level

  7. Production cost analysis for labor, overheads, raw material at each stage during the routing

  8. End to end integration on shop floor process

  9. Managing of item level and order value discount while on sales Channels

  10. No licensing and user limitation given the open-source nature of Odoo

  11. Easy to customize the workflows as per the requirements

  12. Successfully migration of data from legacy system to ERP

  13. In-depth analytical view of entire supply chain

  14. Transparently mapping the logistical procedures with Traceable lot-related production.

  15. Control up-front profit segment and cost. Clearly identify cost drivers through transparent accounting procedures and cost management. 

Dynexcel implemented below key features for DUT 

  1. Sales Module

  2. Purchase Module

  3. Warehouse Management Module

  4. Manufacturing

  5. Accounting

  6. Efficient development of customer specific advanced reporting 

What was the impact on Business after project Implementation?

The implementation done by Dynexcel helped DUT to manage their day to day activities easily. the manufacturing and warehouse modules enables DUT to:

  1. Efficiency in end-to-end business processes by streamlining the internal and external operations.

  2. Improved decision making through achievement of data integrity and real-time reporting.

  3. Better inventory control by eliminating manual processes and by improving inventory accuracy.

  4. Improved monitoring, managing, and controlling of production and sales data.

  5. Optimized production control by facilitating efficient

  6. Planning, execution and reducing costs.

  7. Better accounting practices, fully compliant with country Accounting Standard.

  8. Improved financial control, gained visibility into the organization with financial and management accounting functionality. 

Can Dynexcel do it for you? 

Of Course Dynexcel provides wide range of expertise and domain knowledge of the various industry verticals. For any inquiries or any assistance email us on