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What were the challenges Beauty by amna was facing? 

Beauty by amna managed their ecommerce operations with Solution (It allows you to create your own ecommerce store) but they were facing challenges in terms of manual product entry into the system which was time consuming, duplication of entries, delay in order shipment and warehouse management.

Why did they approach Dynexcel?

Dynexcel helped Beauty by amna with Magento website development and integrated it with Odoo. Dynexcel has also helped them with entire customization of Odoo catering to their business needs.

  1. Automated entry of order into the Odoo system

  2. Processed orders from warehouse management to dispatch

  3. Send projects to the Quality Control

  4. Payment getaway integration ( authroize.net ) and Strong Accounting

  5. Shipping integration with Odoo Implementation

  6. Notifying the customer about the shipment 

What was the Impact on Business after Project Implementation? 

The customization, Integration and development by Dynexcel empowered “Beauty by amna ” to manage the eCommerce operations very smoothly and efficiently.

What Beauty by amna talking about Dynexcel?


Everything is in place, we’ve already got a couple orders, and the order flow has worked like a charm, front to back, for online orders. At this point there is no reason to think we’ll have issues with phone orders.

Can’t really ask for anything more than that. And thanks for your non-stop help with everything else as well. We’ve enjoyed working with Dynexcel, and have been awesome.

Said by Suleman Hameed , the Director, Beauty by amna”.

Can Dynexcel do it for you?

Off course, Dynexcel provides wide range of Business Applications to the leading enterprise companies. For any enquiries or any assistance, Click here or emails us on @dynexcle.com.