The Challenge: 

Before they met Dynexcel, Unified Group used a fragmented system for their operations which consisted of Access 2000 along excel 2000 to keep track of all their data. With this kind of a system in place, there was no inter-departmental connection and integration. And so they were in search of a solution in which the integration was built-in and the workflows were built-in so that they could capture every minute detail of their data.In searching this they consistently faced challenges with overly expensive systems and as a warehouse and logistic company, they faced similar challenges with big ticketed ERP systems.These systems also did not align well with their unique business models. 

The Solution:

Key Implementations by Dynexcel:

  1. Customer Service Management.

  2. Warehouse and Inventory Management.

  3. Shipping Management(UPS and FedEx).

  4. Purchase Management.

  5. Vendor/Supplier Management.

  6. CRM and Sales Management.

  7. Project Management.

  8. Help Desk Management.

  9. Management Dashboards.

  10. Daily reports in CSV for various department.

  11. Various Report templates.

  12. Many Email templates 

The Impact:  

The implementation done by Dynexcel helped Unified group of Industry manage their day to day activities easily. Dynexcel that fits both into our budget and our business models while simultaneously eliminating the need to integrate two disparate systems.Dynexcel helped Unified group of Industry in automating the process that allowed faxing to go when the reports were ready with minimal user interventions,Dynexcel also integrated their OCR system into Odoo.