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===========Admin Panel======== [...]

Sidra Sattar
- 04/25/2019 09:06:47

===========Admin Panel=========
1-at order edit form status should show in form not in heading
2-remove sub partner option on menu
3-change edit order button text
4-correct total value at edit order form
5-after update order should redirect to order invoice or orders list
6-at partners table display add county column 
7-remove pagination buttons on partner edit form
8-remove open account button on edit partner form
9-change button text save= update at edit partner form
10-remove sub option material on main menu
11-remove sub option user on main menu
12-correct side alerts(products,users,total attachments,email templates) count at main admin dashboard
13-after add new order should redirect to that order invoice or orders list
14-add alerts at functions
15-change button text save = update on partner category edit from 
16-change button text save = update on material category edit from 
17-change button text save = update on edit UOM from 
18-change button text save = update on edit assigned material from 
19-change button text save = update on edit sale channel from 
20-push data on add email templates and edit email templates
21-change button text save = update on my profile edit from 
22-at my profile page remove a sidebar