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We deal with all types of hardware problems related to PC, Workstation, Desktop PC, Net top ,Home theater PC, Laptop, Net book, Tablet, Smartphone, printers, gaming computer hardware, CCTV services and provide maintenance also.


A (PC) is a multi-reason PC whose size, capacities, and value make it practical for singular utilize. Presently a days, as the world is becoming quick, everybody has a need to work with Computers or must have an information about PCs. We furnish all sort of PC's with upkeep.

  • Workstation

  • Desktop PC

  • Net Top

  • Home Theater PC

  • Laptop

  • Netbook

  • Tablet

  • Smartphone etc.


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In registering, a printer is a fringe gadget which makes a constant intelligible portrayal of illustrations or content on paper. Presently printer is being used of each sort of organization, schools, and establishments and so on. Along these lines, you are at right stage. We manage a wide range of printers like Home and office printers.

  • Inkjet and laser printers

  • Monochrome and shading printers

  • Single capacity and multi function printers

  • Specialty printers

  • Label printers etc

Gaming Computer Hardware

As everybody likes to be engaged and gaming is the best alternative to influence your brain to work quicker. We give every single sort of gaming PC equipment. Here are the commonplace equipment segments you'll have to assemble a gaming PC.

  • CPU/Processor

  • Motherboard.

  • Memory (RAM)

  • Graphics handling unit (GPU) — otherwise known as, designs card.

  • Storage, hard plate drive (HDD), strong state drive (SSD)

  • Power supply unit (PSU)

  • Cooling framework (fans or fluid), fan splitter

  • Case etc.

and so on.

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CCTV Surveillance

Shut circuit TV (CCTV), otherwise called video reconnaissance, is the utilization of camcorders to transmit a flag to a particular place, on a constrained arrangement of screens. Each organization/association whether it is a school, school or college, it is a fundamental need because of the expanding proportion of psychological warfare. We likewise give the CCTV and after arrangement administrations.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Office Stationary

Stationery has generally related to a wide array of materials: paper and office supplies, composing executes, welcoming cards, stick, pencil cases and other comparable things. It includes minor PC adornments shading/mono printer toner and consumables for DPS gave printers standard and strength paper items. Marks. Envelopes. Envelopes. And so on PC embellishments incorporate Computer Keyboards and Mice, Cases and Bags, Computer Cables and Connectors, USB Flash Drives, Surge Protectors, Clear Media, All Blank Media, CD and Media Storage, Batteries and A/C Adapters, Sound and Video Components and all PC Microphones, PC Speakers and so forth.

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