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Does outsourcing your IT infrastructure administration and support help? Yes it does, not only because of the cost benefit, but also because the resources and SLA you get are unmatched. This highly reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership).

Need of IT Managed Services Provider

Businesses need technology to manage their functionalities efficiently. Today, organizations compete with each other in incorporating latest IT resources and services which offer continuous availability, security, and performance to their infrastructure. However, IT resources are often overwhelmed by the continuously growing dependency of businesses on them. Also, if your business is not able to cope with contingencies in the IT infrastructure, such as lapses in taking backups and updating security patches, it will be impacted in a big way. It is here that businesses outsource their IT related functionalities to a dedicated IT Managed Services Provider (MSP). MSP’s function as an extension of your IT department, ensuring that routine IT infrastructure monitoring and management is done continually, allowing your internal IT staff to focus on more vital aspects of your operations.

Dynexcel helps its global clients with the following IT Managed Services:

Managed IT Services

Dynexcel’s IT Managed Services develop procedures and programs to periodically review systems, error logs, and user information. Additionally, checklists are created to record disk usage, processor usage, and effectively monitor servers, databases, and web portals.

Primary managed services include-
Server Management
Database Management
Web Portal Management

Professional Services

We provide advanced email and cloud service solutions which are hosted on dedicated, customizable email platforms. Email service offered by prominent web-hosting providers is usually standardized POP3 based email and webmail. Additionally, the providers offer cloud service resources such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Primary professional services include- Architecture
designing and implementation of
Email Solutions
Cloud Services
Office 365

IT Monitoring Services

In addition to server and database monitoring, our hosting services also feature network, cloud, and application monitoring. IT Monitoring services are necessary, as they continually record and analyze every functionality of the infrastructure, enabling prediction of any contingencies beforehand.

Our primary monitoring services include -
Application Monitoring
Cloud Monitoring
Network Monitoring
 Server Monitoring
 Database Monitoring
 Web Application Monitoring

Businesses need technology to manage their functionalities efficiently.