Restaurant Management

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Restaurant Management

This reasonableness can deal with the entire screen touch screen like iPad, iPod, any Tablet PC. Dynexcel acquired a development a standard Restaurant Management module by incorporating POS framework with this. Restaurant Manager offers an aggregate POS Restaurant programming arrangement that will be effortlessly custom fitted for use in any sort of nourishment benefit worry, from fine feasting and table administration eateries to fast administration (QSR) and bars.

Restaurant Manager offers a total POS restaurant software solution that will be easily tailored for use in any kind of food service concern, from fine dining and table service restaurants to quick service (QSR) as well as bars.  

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Features Of Sale Restaurant Management

Following are some imperative normal for Odoo Restaurant Management highlight.

  1. Framework incorporates Table Management with their few capacities with respect to the accomplishment of feasting tasks.

  2. Proficiently handles numerous outlets with unified data.

  3. Inbuilt arrangements for Table Reservations to oversee roll and reservations.

  4. Client characterized Food classifications.

  5. POS Integration : The Write-On Handheld, discretionary pay at the table usefulness empower servers to put arranges all the more rapidly and precisely.

  6. Table no. shrewd request putting through Tablet PC as well.

  7. Readiness of KOT in view of table requests.

  8. Stock Control : Eliminate burglary and waste while understanding you utilization designs with an effective and hearty Inventory Control module.

  9. Screens material utilization/issues to Kitchen from primary Warehouse.

  10. Profound linkages with Accounting Module.

  11. Super perfect interface for POS arrange section.

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Simple and beautiful

Say goodbye to ugly, outdated POS systems and enjoy the Odoo web interface designed for the modern retailer.

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Designed for productivity

Say goodbye to ugly, outdated POS systems and enjoy the Odoo web interface designed for the modern retailer.

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Blazing fast search

Scan products, browse through hierarchical categories or quickly get information about products with fast filtering across all your products.