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Customer Relationship Management

Odoo provides the best CRM for your business and its CRM application provides you ease of process to make websites. CRM provides you the feature that can allow you to organize, store and manage the content that a website contains.

Odoo provides you the best and modern User Interface for your CRM, it also has a mobile user interface and works even when you don’t have an internet connection. It also reduces data entry jobs.

Leads Nurturing

It creates auto email campaigns to send emails to the lead segments .CRM scores your leads based on implicit and explicit criteria and actions can be defined based on lead score and team assignments. According to the score it can be decided which lead can be converted into opportunity. It also provides 30 marketing applications that can boost lead acquisition from the website like SEO tools etc. With Odoo CRM leads sources can also be tracked using UTM trackers. CRM contains Goop too with the help of which you can detect countries, states and cities of leads automatically from your visitor IP address. It also provides Call-to-Action to optimize lead acquisition.

One very important feature is Live Chat with the help of which you can talk to your visitors and convert them into leads.


If you create one opportunity, you can manage or organize sequence of activities per opportunity. With priority of test and opportunity you can plan action and schedule based on most important. Lost reasons can also be analyzed to improve sales. It also provides 360 degree visibility to every opportunity mails, meetings etc. Pipeline can also be customized by adding stages. Meetings can also be arranged from the opportunity of the customers

Customer Management

Must have a clear address book or contacts that should be shared with your sales persons. Note that each company contains a multiple addresses and contacts. Always set preferences according to the customer like delivery method, language etc. Attain complete history of the customer: invoice, orders etc.


CRM creates a sequence of customers and opportunities, and call them automatically or manually and get logs automatically and then open the customer form and set the next actions. When one call is failed reschedule or mail them. An auto pop up is generated for receiving calls. Email is the most common communication template with customers and opportunities. Odoo CRM provides you with email gateway and customer alerts too


Dashboard is predefined but you can also build your own dashboard with advance reporting engine and then share filters with the team. You can also analyses your opportunities pipeline with advanced filters. With Odoo CRM get statistics about your sources of leads to check the ROI of your marketing campaigns.


·         Inventory

·         Sales

·         Powerful API

·         Sales channels

·         Google Doc

·         Marketing app

In the inventory you can get the product information right into the quotation. Fasten up the delivery order and check the status. Convert opportunity into quotation in just a one click. With Odoo API, you can connect to any other software like automate lead generation etc. Integrate your all sales channels like online sale (E-Commerce), inside sales (CRM) etc. Google DOC is being used to link any document to your opportunity. Marketing apps like email marketing, landing pages etc. can boost your leads acquisition.



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