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How an E-Commerce Platform Enhance ROI & Time Management for Both Buyers & Sellers

 “People were doing business with one another through the Internet already, through bulletin boards. But on the Web, we could make it interactive, we could create an auction, we could create a real marketplace. E-Commerce platforms are the new marketplace of modern world. ” – Pierre Omidyar

E-Commerce platform is the now the real face of modern markets to boost their product’s online selling and achieve growth over the period of time.  E-Commerce (electronic commerce) is the growing trend across all the markets helping   sellers to post their products for selling as well as attracting new and existing buyers to buy their favorite product. E-Commerce platforms works like a bridge between the sellers and buyers to be at a single platform and make a transaction that fulfill their needs. 

The Emergence of E-Commerce Platforms

In recent decade, Ecommerce platforms have emerged in a long way. They are becoming the backbone of every country electronic business by amplifying its role over time. Time is the most precious thing and there is no substitute of it. E-Commerce platforms reduce the overall time during the whole processing of an electronic transaction. This is the main factor that mediate the transaction growth and online selling prospects. Now, users only give preferences to purchase any of their favorite product that is quoted online. Platforms like ebay, Amazon and Vengoo are the best example of independent E-Commerce sites delivering the best quality online selling and buying services. 

The Product Life Cycle (How to Quote a Product)

The whole process of E-Commerce websites only involves three to four steps. As a buyer or seller you can easily achieve the required facility of posting an ad or buy a product with complete viability. The whole procedure is user’s friendly and can deliver the required mount of results within no time. The most encouraging factor about E-Commerce platforms is that it does not involve any physical transaction, and any users can conveniently use online platform according to their specific needs.  A seller on an E-Commerce platform follow these steps. 

·         A Seller first have to create an account by signing up ( Providing the right Info).

·         Shopper or Seller lands on a website, the website shows categories and products sections.

·         Post the ads of any products, they want to sell. Select any shipment procedure or transaction medium. ( also includes credit card                        options)

·         It’s mandatory to post actual images with clear descriptions.

·         Sent the actual product that buyer has selected for themselves. 

The Key Features of E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce platforms are helpful to address the needs of their customers wants to buy or sell a specific products. At an E-Commerce website they have the luxury of determining the required product prices by making a comparison and gets their preferred product. Buyers can have the luxury to purchase a product that they realize feasible according to their requirement. Important key aspects of E-Commerce platforms includes the following important benefits.

A Unified Platform for Buying & Selling

An E-Commerce Platform works like a combined buying and selling portal that can easily amplifies the satisfaction level of both parties involve in a transaction. Buyers have the choices to put any specific product with images and certain price. From the point of view of buyers, they can select or choose any of their favorite product from different categories. Out of a specific category, they can buy a certain product and then purchase it online via credit card or other available options.   

A Three Dimensional Customer View

Opting an enhanced E-Commerce platform for buying and selling for certain products and services can help customers to have a three dimensional customer view. Customers can easily find out the type, nature or color of the product by just exploring the product posted on the web.  The whole process involve the delivering the quality oriented customer experience.  

Intelligently managing Purchase Orders

The top benefit of E-Commerce websites is that, they allow sellers to precisely manage their overall sale orders and deliver the required product on time according to their desired delivery criteria.  One of the most important reasons why users love to buy products online is because of the reason that online websites takes less time to deliver desired products. 

Healthy Competition

A healthy competition eventually turns out into the enrichment of customer appreciation. It’s an important feature of E-Commerce websites, and because of that reason online buyers love to use a website and gets their favorite product. The higher the competition will be the quality of service will be maximized. On an E-Commerce platform, users have the luxury of finding different kinds of products with different price ranges. 



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