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How to Resolve Team Collaboration Issues Working on a Same Project ?

“Unity is strength! When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” -Mattie Stepanek

Proficient teamwork always has been a challenge for individuals and firms to overcome the hurdles that can affect the entire output of the project.  It’s a very critical factor that has to be addressed in a purely reliable way.  Positive & enhanced collaboration between the individuals can drive the expected output, which is associated with the return on investment. Team collaboration issues in an IT consultant firms may increase over the period of time when the problem can’t be able to identify in a proper orderly manner, and everyone start blaming each other.

Management and Administration Role

The role of managers and administration is a decisive one while implementing the accurate & result oriented team collaboration protocols within the organization. It’s also the responsibility of the business owner to make sure the following aspects while ensuring the enhanced team collaboration working on similar projects.

·         Perform training to site administrators/managers to understand the administrative tools and features. 

·         Implement a feedback channel to evaluate the KPIs and work accordingly.

·         Ensure the time reporting of administrators to all stake holders.

Give Priority to Centralization

There must be a centralized platform, where all the data related to the specific project should be saved on permanent basis. There are various open source ERP platforms are available, those could be helpful to maintain the record of work performed by each and every individual employee working on a project. The more centralized your work will be, the lesser will be the chance of any occurrence of team collaboration issues. 

Email Based Workflow

Better and resourceful communication is the essence of team collaboration. When employees start to work on a project, they are asked to perform certain tasks. At that point of time, all the communication between the employees and managers should be carried out on Emails. Multinationals around the globe use Outlook as an internal communication system. Share point online is another example of top email platform used by the companies for their internal communications.

What Your Competitor Do!

While accessing the major problem that triggers the personal or task related issues in the team, first you have to identify that, what your competitors are doing to overcome this issue.  They might use a tool, software or Open source program to manage out the problems occurring in the project.  Try to use the same kind of approaches they employ to cater the problems. As a business manager, it’s your responsibility to streamline the overall proceedings of a project workflow to make sure that each member of the team process things in an efficient manner. 

Self-Reliance and Ethnicity

A system should be in place while implementing team collaboration protocols that encourage self-accountability and responsibility throughout the project lifecycle. If every member of the team will feel that he will be held responsible for all the tasks he do on the project, then he will always make sure that he deliver his best work to the team. The role of human resource department becomes more vital while implementing such kind of awareness among the teams. 

Training & Development

Employees and workers performing certain tasks in a project required effective training measures to deliver the required benefits. This process should be conducted out in a consistent manner to make sure the implementation of modern ways of process learning. A firm should have to hire professionals that help every member of the team to work in a more collaborative way and ensure the sustainability in work deliverance. With training & development, companies can achieve the following outputs.

·         Effective Team Combination

·         Enhancement in process delivery

·         Originality of work solution

·         Achievement of expected results

·         Performance Evaluation Flow 



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