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Online Shopping Trends in Pakistan; How E-Commerce Markets Establish Growth over Time?

“The Internet has transformed many parts of our daily lives, touching everything from how we find information to how we go shopping, get directions, and even stay in touch with friends and family”. – Dean Ornish

Pakistan’s economy have recognized an enormous growth in online shopping platforms niche as the customer behavior is turning out towards more internet spending in recent past years. Although, Pakistan is considered as the late entrant in the E-Commerce horizon, but with the passage of time the overall growth is mesmerizing and enabling online users to effectively purchase the best item they want to buy.  The new entrants in E-Commerce sector have done heavy amount of investment to be more productive and user’s oriented.  According to a careful estimation, more than $600 million has been invested by the different new E-Commerce players during the financial year 2017-2018.  There are manyE-Commerce platforms in Pakistan those are playing a vital role in strengthening the economy in recent past years. 

Space to Explore More & Grow

As compared to already developed countries, e.g. USA, UK, Australia; In Pakistan there is still room to grow for E-Commerce players. Although there are many E-Commerce platforms, who are in race but only few of them are widely accepted by the online customers in Pakistan. In International markets, the online selling platforms are gearing up towards saturation. In Pakistan, Online shopping is a new trend and most of the citizens still don’t have the access to it. There is lots of empty space that required to be filled out especially in E-Commerce niche. 

The Multi-Vendor Affect

Conventional Online Shopping is now replacing with the new innovative cutting edge platform renowned as Multi-Vendor Ecommerce. On a Multi-vendor E-Commerce website sellers can sell as many products as they want to perfectly attract online buyers. The best thing about a Multi-Vendor E-Commerce website is that it effectively enhance the online customer reliability as they have the choices while selecting the same kind of product or services on a Multi-Vendor Platform. Vengoo is the best example of multi-vendor E-Commerce websites in Pakistan where sellers can do unlimited product posting of their products, and at the same time buyers have many choices to purchase their favorite product after making certain comparisons. 

Diversity/Trends in Online Shopping Segment

Yes, it’s true that online shopping is still considered as the new trend   in Pakistan, but with the passage of time it grow and establish its  roots to all segment of the society.  Every business is now making its own online portal especially related with clothing and product manufacturing sectors. There are also emerging Multi-Vendor websites with them, customers can perfectly evaluate the different products on the basis of prices and specifications. The diversity in Online shopping store is based on the following market segments. 

Property Online Stores 

Online property stores in Pakistan are on the rise in current fiscal year. Property buying and selling have become a healthy beneficial activity for the investors in Pakistan as it provides the huge potential of ROI.  Zameen.Pk is considered among the best Multi-Vendor Online property store in Pakistan that is widely used by the property advisers / property agencies to buy and sell   different properties in efficient manner.  

Clothing Online Stores 

There are various multi-vendor online clothing stores in Pakistan allowing thousands of online customers to purchase best cloths of their favorite brand. Daraz & Vengoo.pk are the best example of clothing online platforms in Pakistan where thousands of online buyers land on weekly basis to buy the perfect fit cloths for themselves.  Some clothing manufacturers also running their independent online clothing stores as well. 

Electronics Online Stores 

Telemart and iShopping are setting up the new trends in online shopping especially when it comes to buying and selling of electronic products.  On these stores, users can do inclusive comparison of products as well as their prices with the physical market rates. New investors also in the race of developing an Electronics online product buying and selling, which is healthy from the future perspective.

Auto Vehicles Online Stores 

There is no denying the fact that Pak Wheels is the most appreciated and highly recognized auto vehicles online store in Pakistan. The platform simply allow sellers to put their vehicle on sale by taking its pictures and posting on the site by providing an actual price tag.  The buyer visit the website and find out their favorite car to buy after making comparisons. The buyer make a contact with seller and evaluate the feasibility levels of the vehicles and perform a purchase agreement. 


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