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Having achieved 45 years of mutual growth with customers based on its corporate philosophy of honesty and trust, GMSA Industries Pvt. Ltd. regards success of its customers as the highest corporate priority. In order to response to rapidly changing market environments, and ever-diversifying needs of the customers, GMSA Industries Pvt. Ltd. conducts its business operations under different business divisions that specialize in the following areas: 
  1. Chemical Division (Resins & Hardeners, Super Glue, Silicone Sealant etc.)
  2. Tire Repair Division (Cold Patches, Seal Strings & Rubber Solution etc.)
  3. Hardware Division (Packing Solutions, Oxygen Regulator, Welding Holder & Nut, Bolts etc.)
  4. Trading Division (Air Conditioners, Garlic, Clear Float Glass, Ply Wood & Hosiery Products etc.)
  5. Marketing Division (Our Marketing & Sales specialists provide the supply system comprehensive services all over the Pakistan.)


Rapid business growth and a wish to make maximum use of IT to improve efficiency;
  1. Fast Sales Order Processing to keep up with their rapid growth.
  2. Integration between their front system and back office system to handle orders, stock information and customer data.
  3. Have various sales channels but have no system to record their sales activities.
  4. The Biggest requirement was proper Billing system, which can timely prepare service recurring bills including termination fees, Taxes, and upgrade of product trials.


One central system to manage the back-office, till, stock, sales and customer interactions. 1.Real time visibility across the entire organisation – Information is visible in both offices 2.Cut data entry by half – no need to re-key data. 3.Simplified supply chain, improving customer experience and stock management 4.Reduced data duplication due to systems being integrated 5.Quickly and easily report on both offices, giving greater control over the business 6.Ability to view and update data while on the road. 7.Increase profit margins using sophisticated pricing and customer-centric strategies to expand business opportunities, as well as manage rebates more effectively 8.Raise customer satisfaction by ensuring you meet their demands for competitive pricing, improved service, better availability, easier ordering and accurate delivery across all channels 9.Align IT to the business to increase your ability to respond to market changes and boost your competitiveness 10.Gain real-time visibility into your value chain with an integrated set of KPI’s and easy financial reporting, leading to better-informed decisions 11.Reduction in operational costs. 12.Reduction in administrative costs. 13.Improvement in complete and on-time shipments. 14.Improvement in internal schedule compliance. 15.Improvement in cycle time of key processes.

The Impact

What was the impact on Business after project Implementation? The implementation done by Dynexcel helped GMSA to manage their day to day activities easily. The Sales and warehouse modules enables GMSA to:
  1. Increased efficiency and improved functionality in all processing.
  2. Real time visibility across the entire organization with seamlessly integrated systems.
  3. Reduced duplication and inaccuracies of information.
  4. Saved over 60 man days with Data Exchanges automatic uploading of product information. Information is therefore accurate throughout the whole organization.
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