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Web Application Development – Phases of Its Development Life-cycle

“A successful web app does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors. Guides them to the main services or product you offer & collect contact details for future ongoing relation, and most of all it lift your online presence. ” ― Aurora Mine

Web apps are now essential for every business out there to have a true presence of their products and services on the web/online portals.  Web apps basically refers to the websites that lets your online viewers to have a complete access of the products your customer might want to see and purchase online. As your rivals already have a web app, so now it’s your turn to have a website that defines your product idea online, and online users any part of the world can have access to it by just logging on the website. To build an impeccable website you need to hire a web app development company having years of experience in web app development and its resourceful implementation. 

 A Web App Could Be the Cure for Your Business Disease

 If you are witnessing a poor growth in terms of sales and revenue generation, then it must be the time for you to reconsider your approach of marketing your business. You might use the old school business marketing strategy to make enhancement in your product growth, but it might not precisely works for you as you wants. It is because of the reason that you don’t have a web app for your business that effectively depict your online product’s presence. A new web app could be the cure that your business required to boost their products and services sale and eventually you get the desired profit expected from your business. A web app is the key to success, and you must have to keep in mind if you wants to enhance in your product development. 

Emergence of Web Apps Over the Years is Incredible

From the inception of internet, the development of web apps have witnessed enormous amount of enhancement. It’s because the companies and the business firms out there love growth and having an impeccable web app could be the key to explore new horizons for business development. It’s really important for the companies now to have online presence through a web app and achieve the extra ordinary results related to their future expected growth.  Now in 2018, having a web app is indispensable for the overall market evolution and realization of new sale targets. 

The Complexity in Web App Development Process

Web App Development is a multifaceted/ complex nature process that is based on the various aspects & vary from business to business according to the nature of product or service. 

Preparation of Development Roadmap 

The first step of a web app development is related with the preparation of documents/manuals that specify the major information related to the types of business niche, business audience, and types/nature of your services/products you want to market online. During this stage, you also have to evaluate the cost and the benefits associated with the development.

Selecting the Technology & Vendors 

It’s your choice to start onsite development of your business web app or go for the hiring of third party vendors.Most of the time, hiring third party vendors become so economical and resourceful for the business to achieve more and more benefits over time. Selection of right vendors could be the decisive factor for the business to grow over time. A third party vendor could be more helpful in terms of expense.

Design Feasible Layouts  

It’s beneficial for your business to design a perfect layout for the web app that portray your business in an accurate manner. The design must be similar to the colors of your products or according to the scheme of your brand. You have to make sure that you choose a separate design and color for the each service you put online. 

Implement the Dev Architecture and Frameworks

During this whole phase, a team of web developers get together to employ certain changes of architecture and frameworks to generate a perfect user’s oriented web application. It’s the important phase of the whole development process, which might take weeks or months to complete according to the nature of your services pages/ categories and classes. 

Quality Assurance & Testing 

An app you develop through passing the all above mentioned phases required complete quality assurance and testing.  In case if the vendor or third party dev company from which you are getting the services is not capable of performing true testing, then you must have to hire the services of an Independent testing services provider firm.  You must have to test your app on following testing parameters. 

·    Web App Automation Testing

·    Web App Security Testing

·    Web APP Functional Testing

·    Web App Usability Testing 

·    Web App Performance Testing 

·    Web App Responsive Testing 

·    Web App Platform Compatibility Testing 



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